The programme costs € 1,500 and includes: 

  • programme organisation and guiding
  • bus transportation during the whole trip
  • accommodation in all countries during the programme
  • entrance fees
  • some meals in line with the programme


For European students the meeting point will be Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

When you will reserve your travel, please inform us of your travel details, so that we can arrange a meeting time and location. 


By plane

There are a few airports in the vicinity, which enable good connections to Europe and beyond. Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice - Marco Polo, Venice - Treviso, Pula, Zagreb, Klagenfurt and Graz airports are all close by and majority of them are served by low-cost airlines. 

A well organised shuttle service decreases the time and costs of transport from (and to) airports. 

Venice airports with GoOpti shuttle are a common way of travel to/from Slovenia. 

By train

Ljubljana has an international train stop with direct trains to Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland. 

Please check the Slovene railways website for details on pricing and schedules. 

By bus

Ljubljana is easily accessible by bus as well. You can check the website for details on bus routes and pricing

Low-cost Flixbus serves the city as well. 

By car

The central location of Slovenia enables easy access by car from a number of different European countries. Within 500 km radius lie the capitals of Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Austria. 

Ljubljana is at a crossroad of two Pan-European transportation corridors and is connected with motorways leading to Vienna (NE), Munich (NW), Zagreb (SE) and Venice (SW). 

To travel on Slovene roads, you need a Vignette. 


If you are planning to stay a few days longer in Slovenia and / or need some advice with the travel arrangements, please contact UP FAMNIT international office at


You are required to arrange the health insurance for your time of the travel. 

A European health insurance card is a free card giving you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. It is issued by the national health insurance provider to citizen of the participating countries. 

Slovenia also has agreements with Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia. If you are coming from these countries, check your health coverage in other countries visited during the programme. 

In either case, we recommend you a travel insurance. 


UP FAMNIT international office will be happy to assist you with any queries you might have. Please contact them at

If you need a visa to enter Schengen, international office will also be able to support you.